Aequales carries out gender equality diagnosis/analysis, gender equality and unconscious bias training, policy and processes transformation and C-suite gender equality strategies.


Name of contact: Maria Adelaida Perdomo
Position of contact: CEO Colombia
Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Country: Colombia

Language: English


¿about your solution?

Aequales is a gender equality consultancy firm based in Colombia and Peru that works throughout Latin America. We have won several entrepreneurship prizes (Ventures 2014, PUCP 2015, In-Pactamos 2016, UN ODS) and are currently a stable and profitable growing business. We created PAR, a Corporate Gender Equality Ranking, a one-of-its-kind measurement tool that promotes gender equality conditions in corporations. We deliver data for the creation of evidence-based public-policy for gender equality through our public sector and academia allies. We created Comunidad PAR, a community of corporations that promote gender equality in our countries, committed with measuring and increasing gender equality indicators and sharing good practices. Andrea de la Piedra and I have become gender equality references in our countries.

What has changed in the organization thanks to the implementation of this solution?

Aequales has changed the way more than 400 organizations work in Latin America, both through the measurement of their gender equality conditions and the delivery of tools to improve, as well as through our catered consultancy work. Aequales is currently researching and applying innovation tools that will help us reach more corporations worldwide and will bring corporate gender equality to the next level of technical and professional expertise.

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