Tuesday, February 27

8:00 a.m. Registration
9:00 a.m. Inauguration

The forum will be opened by:

  • Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile
  • Her Excellency Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang, Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs, Republic of The Gambia
  • Richard Barathe, Director, Regional Hub for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP
  • Maria-Noel Vaeza, Director of Program Division, UN Women
  • Carlos Rodríguez, Deputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, ILO
9:45 a.m. A coffee with…

We will have an intimate conversation to discuss challenges, strategies and opportunities to achieve gender equality in the business world by 2030.

Her Excellency Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile
Interviewer: Patricia Janiot, Night Edition Anchor and main correspondent Univision News

10:15 a.m. The future of work: gender equality and the fourth industrial revolution
Thanks to rapid changes in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and the rise of the sharing economy, many occupations will disappear within the next 30 years, required skills for employees will shift dramatically, and industries will transform and emerge. This session explores the implications of these trends for the workforce and how they will impact equality between men and women in the labour market.
Linda Scott, Emeritus DP World Professor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the University of Oxford, Senior Consulting Fellow for Chatham House at the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Senior Advisor for the Global Business Coalition for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Founder of DoubleXEconomy, LLC –
10:45 a.m. Networking coffee break and group photo
11:00 a.m. Panel 1. The future of work: gender equality and the fourth industrial revolution

  • Zulphy Santamaría, Vice Minister of Labour, Republic of Panama
  • Mthunzi Mdwaba, Ex Officio Member and Commissioner at the Global Commission on the Future of Work, IOE Vice President and Global Spokesman for Employers at the ILO, South Africa
  • Montserrat Mir, Confederal Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Delegate
  • George Gray Molina, Chief Economist, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP

Moderator: Randi Davis, Director, Gender Team, UNDP

12:00 p.m. Deep dive session 1. Work environments free of sexism and gender-based violence

The eradication of all forms of sex-based harassment and violence in the workplace is critical for achieving gender equality by 2030. This session explores responses to workplace harassment and how new concepts of masculinities can support these efforts.

  • Sandra Edibel Guevara Pérez, Minister of Labour and Social Security, El Salvador
  • Michael Kaufman, White Ribbon Campaign Co-founder, Activist and Senior Fellow for Instituto Promundo
  • Yolima López Forero, Head of Unit, Gender Equity Group, Ministry of Labour, Republic of Colombia
  • Heba Youssif, Head of the Safe Corporates Program, HarassMap, Egypt
  • Mindy Ran, Gender Council Co-Chair, International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
  • Jéssica López, Executive General Manager, Banco Estado, Chile

Moderator: María Inés Salamanca, Country Programme Manager, UN Women, Chile

12:00 p.m. Deep dive session 2. Women in all industries: redrawing the balance in the business world

The participation of women in male-dominated industries is redefining how female contributions are valued across industries. From technology to mining, more women are bringing their skills and knowledge to increase competitiveness in non-traditional sectors. This session focuses on women’s potential in male-dominated industries and real-life stories that are changing the way women are perceived in the business world.

  • Alexandra Haas Paciuc, President, National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred), Mexico
  • Laura Elvira Albornoz Pollman, Director, CODELCO, Chile
  • Vinita Paunikar, Vice President, Release Management in Engineering, Oracle Cloud
  • Maria Inés Hurtado Burbano, Vice President of Talent and Legal Affairs, Esenttia, Colombia
  • Janet Zuccarini, CEO & Owner, Gusto 54 Restaurant Group

Moderator: Eugenia Piza López, Gender Team Leader, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP

12:00 p.m. Deep dive session 3. Women at the top: female leadership and business performance

Having more women in businesses is smart economics. Companies with gender-balanced boards outperform those with low female participation, and studies have estimated that closing the gender gap in labour force participation by only 25% by 2025 would add US$5.3 trillion to the global economy. But while women account for nearly 50 percent of the entire workforce, only 4% to 5% of women reach the highest levels. This session explores how bringing women to the forefront of businesses is good for the bottom-line.Presentation

ILO’s Global Report
Women in Business and management: gaining momentum
Deborah France Massin, Director, ILO Bureau for Employers’ Activities, Geneva, SwitzerlandDiscussion panel

  • Caterina Costa de García, President of the National Chamber of Industries of Ecuador (CNIE)
  • Aline Flores, Executive Vice President of Flores Corporation and Former President of the National Private Business Council of Honduras (COHEP)
  • John Craig, Senior Legal Adviser, Canadian Employers’ Council (CEC)
  • Irene Natividad, President of the Global Summit of Women and Chair of Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI)
  • Natalia Piergentili, Deputy Secretary of Economy, Republic of Chile

Moderator: Andrés Yuren, Senior Employers’ Activities Specialist, ILO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

12:00 p.m. Deep dive session 4. Reversing history: bridging the gender wage gap

Gender equality will not be achieved by 2030 if gender-based pay gaps persist across industries all over the world. This panel highlights the crucial need for levelling the playing field between women and men and re-valuing female contributions to accelerate progress toward gender equality.Presentation

Equal Pay International Coalition: towards equal pay between women and men for work of equal value
Joint initiative led by ILO, UN Women and the OECD
Rósa Guðrún Erlingsdóttir, Senior Advisor, Head of Equality Unit, Ministry of Welfare, Republic of Iceland

Discussion panel

  • Keketso Maema, CEO, Commission for Gender Equality, Republic of South Africa
  • Nieves Rico, Team Leader, Gender Division, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC
  • Ángela Riffo, 3rd Vice-Presidency of International Relations, National Association of Fiscal Employees (ANEF) of Chile
  • Tania Cosentino, South America Regional President and Member of the Women’s Advisory Board, Schneider Electric

Moderator: Bernarda Pérez Carrillo, Under-Secretary, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Republic of Chile

1:00 p.m. Lunch
2:30 p.m. Tackling Childcare: The Business Case for Employer-Supported Childcare

Societies assume that taking care of children, people living with disabilities and the elderly is almost always the responsibility of women and to be provided free of charge. Yet household and family care work impose a heavy burden on women that represents up to five hours of extra work per day, preventing women from engaging in other activities that would help them earn money, participate in public life and reach their full potential. This panel focuses on current debates on time use, parenthood and co-responsibility between the State, the private sector, civil society and trade unions.The report “Tackling Childcare: The Business Case for Employer-Supported Childcare” was produced by the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Gender Secretariat. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research conducted the research and case studies and prepared the report in collaboration with IFC.
Lindsey Reichlin Cruse, Senior Research Associate, Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), USA –
3:00 p.m. Panel 2. Work-life balance with shared responsibility: Debates on time use and flexibility

  • Jakob Kiefer, Ambassador of Sweden in Chile
  • Patricia Cossani, Deputy National Secretary, Care System, Ministry of Social Development, Oriental Republic of Uruguay
  • Renato Amendola, Sustainability Manager, Boticário Group, Brazil
  • Marcela Jaramillo, Head of Communications, Sanofi
  • Ana Sofía Hernández, SCommunications Manager, Pacific Cluster, P&G

Moderator: Ruth Bajada, Head of Policy, Information and Press, European Union (EU) Delegation in Chile

4:30 p.m. Networking coffee break
4:45 p.m. Women’s economic empowerment: an African perspective

Her Excellency Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang, Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs, Republic of The Gambia
Interviewer: Patricia Janiot, Senior Anchor for Univision News
Moderator: Mirna Schindler, Conductora Principal ADN Hoy, ADN Radio Chile
5:15 p.m. TED-style talk. It’s our business too: Why violence against women is a workplace issue and how we can end it

Michael Kaufman, White Ribbon Campaign Co-founder, Activist, Senior Fellow, Instituto Promundo –
7:00 p.m. Gender Equality Seal Champions Cocktail

Co-sponsored by the Government of Chile
Violeta Parra Museum

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