Ángela Rifo Castillo3rd Vice-presidency of International Relations, National Asociation of Fiscal Employees (ANEF) of Chile

    Public official, Union Leader, nowadays Vice President of International Relations of National Fiscal Employees Cluster (ANEF by its initials in Spanish) and National Counselor of Unitary Workers Central ( CUT by its initials in Spanish).
    She has held different Trade Union responsibilities, among them, Vice President of Women Issues of Unitary Workers Central, full member of Working Women Commission of The America’s Trade Union Confederation and member of Women Commission of International trade Union Confederation.
    Mrs Rifo has participated in several panels that promote working women’s demands, like coordination of Equal Opportunities Table. There, from 2004 to 2008 she led the study: “The work we have, the work we want” with the support of Gender studies Center of Latin America and Caribe- Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of University of Chile within state workers negotiation. The results and advices from that study where taken to Good Labour Practices code.
    She has been also, as Vice President of Women Issues of Unitary Workers Central-CUT (2004-2007), responsible of making its Gender Agenda; She has been part of Women and Work Table. Joining Government and CPC she helped actions of Working Women organizations of Casa Particular during the negotiation and drafting Law N°20.796.
    Since 2014 until today, joining government representation and International Labour Organization, She has led pilot implementation of the project: “Jobs Assessment with Gender Perspective to decrease pay gaps on State” at Work Security Institute, within ANEF-GNO agreement.

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