Claudia Pascual GrauMinister of Gender Affairs and Gender Equity, Republic of Chile

Claudia Pascual Grau is social anthropologist of Universidad de Chile. She has been teacher in different education institutions, including universities, trade union schools and women schools. Mrs. Pascual has also been project evaluator for many agencies and NGO`s in her country. Besides, she has worked as coordinator of Drug Use and Alcohol Consumption Prevention Program of Universidad de Chile Student Welfare Direction.
During the first half of the 90`s, Mrs. Pascual was student leader at her university. With a wide political trajectory, Claudia Pascual has led Women’s Commission and nowadays she´s part of Central Committee of Communist party of Chile.
In 2001 and 2005, Mrs. Pascual was deputy candidate for Santiago. In 2008 she was elected councilor for Santiago comuna, been reelected in this position with the first communal majority in 2012.
In March 11 of 2014, she assumed as Minister Director of National Women’s Service of Chile in President´s Michelle Bachelet Jeria government. Since there she has led important reforms, highlighting Ministry of Women and Gender Equality creation in 2016, the inclusion of gender equity criteria in electoral legislation, law that decriminalizes voluntary termination of pregnancy in three scenario, and legislative agenda that allows improvement in attention and prevention of violence against women.

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