Andrea GrobocopatelCo-Chair, Women 20 W20 Argentina 2018

Andrea Grobocopatel holds a degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires and is a mother of four children: Agustina, Delfina, Paulina and Luciano.
Between 1984 and 2006, Andrea Grobocopatel was co-founder of Los Grobo Holding, a national flag economic group with an axis in the agro-industrial food production and export in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. In addition, she is a shareholder of the Bioceres biotechnology company and, since 2009, founder and shareholder of Ampatel S.A., an agricultural production company.
In September 2012, she created the Foundation for Leadership and Responsible Organizations (F.L.O.R.) which she currently presides over and from where she works in the training of women so that they reach decision places and develop as entrepreneurs in the interior of the country.
She has been a mentor and member of the Advisory Board of Vital Voices Argentina and is currently a member of the WE Americas Women’s Network, of the Marianne Association, and of FAME (Argentine Forum of Executive Women), among other organizations oriented to the development of women .
She was the first Argentinean woman to receive the Women in Agribusiness prize for innovation, in 2014. That same year she wrote and published the book Pasión por Hacer, edited by Granica, and was invited to share her story at the conference “Lead to Inspire, Inspire to Lead” at the Council of the Americas, in New York.
In 2017, she was appointed Co-Chair of Woman 20 Argentina and since her inauguration, she accompanies Susana Balbo in the W20 work process.

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