Fatoumata Jallow-TambajangVice President and Minister of Women's Affairs, Republic of The Gambia

Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang is a Gambian politician and activist who is currently serving as the Minister of Women’s Affairs and Vice President of the Gambia since 22 February 2017. Prior to her appointment, Tambajang was a senior member of Coalition 2016, the alliance of political opposition parties that unseated the 22-year autocratic rule of former President, Yahya Jammeh, in the 2016 Presidential election. She served as chair of the Coalition.
Earlier in her career, she had been the chair of the Gambia National Women’s Council and an advisor to the first President of The Gambia, Dawda Jawara. She has served as Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare from 1994 to 1995, and then went on to work for the UNDP in the field of development. In 2001, whilst working in the African Great Lakes Region, she was the victim of a hostage situation. Madame Tambajang joined the United Democratic Party in April 2015.

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