Carlos RodríguezDeputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, ILO

    Since 1st August 2017, Carlos Arturo Rodriguez Diaz has been the Deputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Labor Organization – ILO, with headquarters in Lima, Peru.
    A professional in Political Studies and Conflict Resolution, he received his undergraduate education from the Universidad del Valle and then specialized in High Management at Universidad de los Andes of Colombia, as well as in Executive Education from the same University.
    He has dedicated his life to the analysis and resolution of socio-economic, political and labor conflicts within the framework of tripartite strengthening. He promotes social dialogue, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Democratic Governance.
    He has participated in multiple international seminars held in several countries, which has allowed him to strengthen his training levels and to write permanent theoretical elaborations, such as essays, brochures, articles and books, which have been published in several languages.
    Among the functions performed and acknowledgments received throughout his professional career, the following stand out:
    2009: Main Specialist of the ILO in Activities for Workers of the Southern Cone.
    2007: Guarantor and Witness of the peace process between the ELN Government and guerrilla.
    2007: Decorated with the Order of the Congress of Colombia in the Degree of Knight.
    2006: Elected through a national consultation of the magazine Gerente as one of the 100 most outstanding leaders of Colombia.
    2004: National Coordinator of the Great Democratic Coalition of Colombia.
    2003: President of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Colombia.
    2002: President of the Workers’ Group at the ILO Regional Meeting.
    February 2018

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