Leon Pierre RusanganwaHealth Program Coordinator Private Sector Federation – (PSF) Rwanda

Leon Pierre Rusanganwa, 38, Married, is a Health Economist with a Master degree from Annamalai University – India, he is working with the Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF – Rwanda), occupying the post of Coordinator for Health (at Workplace) Program at national Level with 7 years’ experience in the field. He served as Executive Director for Rwanda NGOs Forum on Health Promotion since 2007.
Among main tasks in his professional carrier at PSF Rwanda, include but not limited to diseases prevention, care and support, social dialogue between workers, employers and government institutions and gender mainstreaming at workplace for workers, clients and employers’ welfare.
Leon Pierre RUSANGANWA has been participating in the current process for Gender Equality since its beginning in Rwanda to come up with successes on the side of the Private Sector in partnership with Gender Monitoring Office, UN Women and UNDP.
Now, Leon Pierre is working, along with Rwanda Private Sector team, on the integration of gender equality certification program in the organizational core mandate to promote the inclusion of women and men in workplaces for Elimination of gender-based pay gaps; Increasing women’s roles in decision-making; Enhancing work-life balance; Enhancing women’s access to non-traditional jobs; Eradicating sexual harassment at work and Using inclusive, non-sexist communication.
He is committed to leverage Gender equality as centered in human rights which is both a development goal on its own and a critical factor for achieving sustainable development.

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