María Eugenia BersezioProgrammes Department Coordinator, National Service for Women and Gender Equity (SERNAMEG), Republic of Chile

    Social worker of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Master in Education with curriculum mention of Education Faculty of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. María Eugenia has a Diploma in Measurement and Assessment Learnings of Measurement Center MIDE-UC by its acronym in Spanish. Graduated of the PhD in Social and Politics Processes in Latin America of ARCIS University. Scholar of Ford Foundation.
    Mrs Bersezio has wide experience in equality gender politics, she has served in NGO`S, Universities as consultant of International Organisms (ILO and EU). Nowadays she`s public official of National Women Service and Gender equality, SernamEG by its acronym in Spanish, in the position of Coordinator Surrogate of Programmatic areas.

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