Ana Sofía Hernández LayaSenior Manager of Communications Pacific Cluster(Colombia, Chile & Perú) Procter & Gamble

Always a woman, wife for more than 16 years and mother since 2006, Ana Sofia Hernandez has balanced her roles as professional, daughter, neighbor, friend, wife and mother for many years.
Ana was born in Caracas, Venezuela; she has a Bachelor’s degree in Social communication of University Católica Andrés Bello and is a certified broadcaster of University Central of Venezuela. She began her carrer in
Procter & Gamble in 2007 as Corporative Communication Manager and as Marketing Inlfuencer.
She has more than 17 years of corporative communications experience, in addition to having worked as broadcaster and TV and radio programs and spaces anchorwoman in Venezuela. Since 2011, she lives in Peru where she has held many positions for Latin-American. Today, she leads Procter & Gamble communications for Colombia, Chile and Peru. With her work team, she has designed and developed successful programs like Agua Limpia para los Niños, Gracias Mamá, Nacer Aprendiendo: Ambientes Saludables, among others.
She´s daughter, wife, friend, manager, focused on her family, her friends and also in building and protect companies’ reputation and its brands, raise advocacy among her employees, consumers and principle stakeholders trough traditional media and social networks.

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