Jacqueline Balbontín ArtusVice President, Human Resources & Corporate Affairs

Jacqueline Balbontín Artus was appointed Vice President of Human Resources in March 2015. She has worked for the Scotiabank Group for 25 years, having 10 different roles throughout her professional career in the institution, in areas such as Commercial Banking, Human Resources and Finance, among others.
Prior to assuming her position in Human Resources, she was Director of Customer Experience and Planning of the Retail Banking area, where she led the implementation of the Sales and Services Network model for more than 140 branches, achieving an increase in productivity of 200% in 36 months.
She also served as Branch Manager, where she implemented a successful business plan that allowed her to position the Providencia branch, the second largest in the Bank, among the top 5 in the country.
She is currently responsible for the areas of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, key strategic partners of the business lines, and whose purpose is to ensure that the bank maintains its status as an employer of preference in the market and safeguard the corporate reputation, through the implementation of efficient processes and deepening relations with counterparts inside and outside the institution.
Her main responsibilities are to:
• Develop Human Resources solutions according to business needs, based on a deep understanding of their plans and challenges;
• Develop the employer brand and the recruitment, selection and development processes;
• Develop labor relations policies and strategies, leading collective bargaining processes;
• Design the leadership strategy and other key activities, aligned with the needs of local businesses and corporate guidelines; and
• Promote a unique organizational identity based on corporate values, mission and objectives of the organization, with the purpose of offering a common experience to employees.
In 2017, she was chosen as one of the 100 Women Leaders by Women Entrepreneurs and El Mercurio.
Jacqueline Balbontín is a Civil Industrial Engineer from the University of Santiago.
She has Diplomas from the University of Chile and Adolfo Ibañez University. Her work in the different areas of the Bank allows her to contribute to a wide knowledge and experience to the organization. She is married and has 3 children.

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