Laura Albornoz PollmanDirector of Codelco, doctor in Law and academic from the University of Chile.

Laura Albornoz Pollman obtained a degree in Legal and Social Sciences from the Universidad de Chile and a law degree, conferred by the Supreme Court of Chile. Albornoz holds a doctorate in Civil Law with a “summa cum laude” qualification from the University of Seville; and a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the International Business School of Madrid, Spain. In the first government of Michelle Bachelet, she was Minister of State of the National Service of Women (Sernam). In 2008-2009, she served as president of the Inter-American Commission of Women of the OAS. She was sent from the “Pathways to Prosperity” project, promoted by the US Secretary of State. (Sept. 2009 and Sept. 2010). Since January 2010, she has been an adviser to President Michelle Bachelet and, after the earthquake of February 2010; she assumed the position of Presidential Delegate in the commune of Constitución.
With an intense academic career, Albornoz is Assistant Professor of the Private Law Department of the Faculty of Law of the Universidad de Chile. She has been an academic assistant at the universities of Los Lagos, Santiago, Talca and Atacama, as well as a Professor of Human Rights for Women in the Judicial Academy and the Diplomatic Academy of Chile. She has been an Associate Expert in the UNDP Gender Network for Latin America and the Caribbean. Laura Albornoz is the first female director of Codelco, since the creation of the Corporate Governance Law of the state company.
Albornoz actively participates in the promotion of some legal initiatives in Chile that seek to protect, ensure and promote the human rights of women.

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