Laura Echeverría CorreaDirector, National Service for Women and Gender Equity, (SERNAMEG), Chile

Laura Echeverría Correa is Social Assistant of the Hamburg School of Social Work inGermany, has an International Diploma in Poverty Reduction Strategies in Latin America from the University of Chile and World Bank Institute. Laura has a Master’s degree in Social Politics and Local Management from ARCIS University.
Laura has extensive experience in citizen participation with gender perspective, coordination and intersectoral negotiation, and social inclusion. In 1991, Laura joined SERNAM, which is the Chilean Services on Gender Equality and Women Issues. In her wide professional career of 25 years within SERNAMEG, she has fulfilled different positions such as:
Desk Officer of Foreign Affairs Department, National Delegate of managing Laboral training of Studies Department, National Delegate of Labour Area of Women Heads of Households Support Programme, Delegate of Internal Management control, Chief of Pragmatic Models Department and Chief of Women Heads of Households Unit, Ministry Cabinet Advisor.
She was Consultant of the Inter-American Development Bank for Social Development Secretary of the Republic of Argentina, and since 2015 has been Coordinator of the Gender Group of Pacific Alliance.
During 10 years, Laura has worked in design and implementation of politics and programmes directed toward the lack of resources for working women, and she has published different lectures about training and women in the workforce.

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