Miguel Lorente AcostaDirector, Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance Secretariat, University of Granada, Spain

The forensic doctor Miguel Lorente Acosta (Almería, 1962) is one of the greatest international experts in gender violence and directed the Government Delegation against Gender Violence of the Ministry of Equality, abuse of the Junta de Andalucía.
He has a long practical and academic experience on the phenomenon of gender violence, to which the hand of medical-forensic practice came. He is the author, among several works on DNA and bioethics, of two works on this problem, ‘My husband hits me normally’ (2001) and ‘The puzzle’ (2004). In both cases, the peculiarities of the violence exerted on many women by their husbands, boyfriends or former partners, the emotional dependence of the victim, her self-blame after the beatings, the constraints abuser excerts to isolate or murder when he perceives that the woman escapes from his control.
On the other hand, he is an advisor to the World Health Organization in the area of ​​gender violence and has participated as an expert in numerous parliamentary committees. He was general coordinator of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Andalusia and professor at the University of Granada.

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