Sandra Edibel Guevara PérezMinister of Labour and Social Security, El Salvador

Sandra Guevara was born on May 17 of 1963 in Santa Ana, El Salvador in a hardworking and humble family that gave her a home and the chance to study along with her four brothers. Currently, she is married and has three daughters.
Guevara has a postgraduate degree in labour law; she also has a bachelor degree in Marketing from Universidad Politécnica of El Salvador, with studies in public administration, micro-finances, public budgeting with gender perspective, planning, monitoring and evaluation with gender perspective too, and institutional risks management, Economics and gender, Gender- Feminism Theory among others.
The minister has been her country’s delegate in Mundubat foundation, International Organization with presence in El Salvador; she also worked in administration in the International Organism AOS-Ayuda Obrera Suiza by its acronym in Spanish.
Guevara was president of Family Solidarity Foundation during the government of President Mauricio Funes.
Since 1997, she`s part of the Women Movement Association Mélida Anaya Montes, an organization where she entered the Executive Management in 2007. In 2013, she joined its Board of Directors.
As part of her experience in the Social and Feminist Movement of El Salvador, she has joined the Advisor Committee representing civil society for Feminist Organization Las Mélidas in the process of drafting the Women Economic Agenda with UNDP back in 2010.
Further Professional highlights.
• Member of Board of Directors, of Micro Enterprise Alliance for Development (ALPIMED by its acronym in Spanish).
• Member of Coordinator of Non-Governmental Organizations for Spain Development
• Member of International Forum of Partnership Cooperation.
• Member of Feminist Consultation Prudencia Ayala and Liaison Committee.
• Member of Technical Specialized Comission of Women´s Development Institute (ISDEMU by its acronym in Spanish).
• President of Community Association ACUBEJ of its residence place.
• Candidate for Municipal Council of San Salvador presided by Mrs Violeta Menjivar to Mayor.
• Mrs. Guevara participated with Mrs. Elda Tobar, vice president Oscar Ortiz`s wife in the Founding process and organization of Salvadorian Women`s Association AMES.
• Speaker on many topics internationally about women’s rights.

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