Alma Victoria Campos CoronaInclusion Manager, Petróleos Mexicanos, México

    Alma Victoria Campos Corona has 37 years of experience in Administration. She`s Inclusion Manager of Petróleos Mexicanos, a productive company of Mexico centered in oil exploration, exploitation and extraction and also hydrogen carbide solids, liquid or gaseous, as well as its collection , sale and marketing.
    Mrs Campos has a specialization in Organization and Human Resources. Among her principal challenges, she has designed balanced, flexible and functional organizational structures in Pemex, which allow it to achieve its goals , based on technical-administrative studies , and so as to promote permament company reinvention.
    As Inclusion Manager Mrs Campos main duties are the policies, programs and actions defined in Women and Men Equality within Pemex and also to suggest actions and strategies in prevention and non discrimination matters.
    Nowadays Mrs Campos implements the Social Inclusion Institutional Strategy centered on gender equality , non discrimination , women job inclusion, people with disabilities and LGBTTTI community in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP México). This initiative is one of a kind because of Pemex’s transcendence and size in Mexico as well as UNDP’s international prestige.
    As the titular head of inclusion matters, Mrs Campos looks to strengthen and generate job inclusion policies to institutionalize a gender perpspective in Pemex and in this way create equal oportunities for all staff, specially women – the main challenge in a traditionally male industry.

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